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Breakfast - Brunch
Maynard's Silverdale

Farmers Skillet


Mushrooms, marinated tomatoes, spinach, potatoes, goat cheese, and eggs your way topped with fresh hollandaise

Egg Prep:Over Easy Over Medium Over Hard Scrambled Sunny-Side Up Poached Soft Poached Hard
Vegan Eggs:Vegan Eggs +$1.99
Vegan Mozzarella:Vegan Mozzarella +$1.99
No Farmers Skillet:No Mushrooms No Tomatoes No Spinach No Potatoes No Goat Cheese No Eggs No Hollandaise No Potatoes O'Brien
Allergy:Gluten Allergy Shellfish Allergy Dairy Allergy Tree Nut Allergy Peanut Allergy Vegan Vegetarian OTHER Allergy
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